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Hugo Spritz & Hugo Spritz alcohol free

Alcohol free herb Bitter mixture with Hubert sparkling wine gives a bitter taste to the drink that needs to be balanced with sweet chopped fruit and lime. This drink is ideal for afternoon sun tanning on the balcony as well as for parties. If you want you can prepare this drink also in alcohol free […]

Bitter Spritz & Bitter Spritz alcohol free

Elderberry has many therapeutic effects on the immune system. High quality French syrup made of its essences in combination with Hubert Grand Blanc shall give your cocktail a new dimension. You can make it easily also on your summer vacation with family or friends. This drink tastes just as good in the alcohol free version […]

Virgin Piňa Colada

This is a light summer drink for those who want something special, alcohol free. The drink is known mainly from the beaches of the Caribbean. Serve well cooled with a well-deserved dose of non-alcoholic Hubert. Ingrediencie: 10 cl pineapple juice 3 cl pina colada syrup Hubert non-alcoholic Preparation: Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Put […]

Sparkling Piňa Colada

This drink will make you feel like you are on a beach in the Caribbean. This is the original recipe from 1954. It’s been a prerogative of true gourmands since. Ingredients: 4 cl white Rum 10 cl pineapple juice 2 cl pina colada syrup Hubert Grand blanc decoration: star fruit (carambola) Preparation: Fill a cocktail […]

Sangria Sparkling Dream

If you long for something refreshing and healthy, this cocktail is for you. Hubert Grand blanc in combination with sweet syrups will give it a great taste. Sangria sparkling dream is an ideal companion for large parties with friends. Ingredients: 3 cl sangria syrup 1 cl fresh lime juice fruit mix (raspberries, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, […]

Baked poppy seed cubes

Ideal dessert for summer pick-nicks or afternoon garden parties. Enjoy with Hubert de Luxe sparkling wine also on vacation or at fancy business events. BAKED POPPY SEED CUBE WITH SULTANAS AND CARAMEL REDUCTION

De luxe Rouge

This cocktail is refreshing and romantic at the same time. It is ideal for an elegant evening in two. Tasty raspberry puree in combination with premium sparkling wine gives the drink aroma of fresh raspberries picked from the garden. Ingredients: 3 cl raspberry puree 6 cl vodka 1 cl fresh lime juice 2 cl sangria […]

Green Time

The green color is due to a combination of apple puree and basil leaves. Contrasting juices and Hubert Grand blanc complement them great. This is an ideal cocktail after winter skiing. Refreshing and beneficial for the immune system. Ingredients: 3 cl apple puree 2 cl peach liquor 1 cl fresh lime juice 3-4 basil leaves […]