Show to your friends who you really are with mixed drinks.

Hugo Spritz a Hugo spritz nealko

Hugo Spritz & Hugo Spritz alcohol free

Alcohol free herb Bitter mixture with Hubert sparkling wine gives a bitter taste to the drink that needs to be balanced with sweet chopped fruit and lime.
Bitter Spritz a bitter spritz nealko

Bitter Spritz & Bitter Spritz alcohol free

Elderberry has many therapeutic effects on the immune system.
Virgin Pina Colada

Virgin Piňa Colada

This is a light summer drink for those who want something special, alcohol free.
Sparkling Pina Colada

Sparkling Piňa Colada

This drink will make you feel like you are on a beach in the Caribbean.
Sangria sparkling dream

Sangria Sparkling Dream

If you long for something refreshing and healthy, this cocktail is for you.
De Luxe Rouge

De luxe Rouge

This cocktail is refreshing and romantic at the same time.
Green Time

Green Time

The green color is due to a combination of apple puree and basil leaves.
French 75_or

French 75

French 75 or Soixante Quinze is an alcoholic drink made of gin and juice with a welcome addition of Hubert rosé.
Kir Royal_or

Kir Royal

Prepare an extraordinary drink for your dear one.
Lemonade spritzer_or

Lemonade Spritzer

A fizzing miracle ready in just a few minutes.