Hugo Spritz & Hugo Spritz alcohol free

Hugo Spritz a Hugo spritz nealko

Alcohol free herb Bitter mixture with Hubert sparkling wine gives a bitter taste to the drink that needs to be balanced with sweet chopped fruit and lime. This drink is ideal for afternoon sun tanning on the balcony as well as for parties. If you want you can prepare this drink also in alcohol free version with alcohol free Hubert sparkling wine.

Hugo Spritz a Hugo spritz nealko
Hubert Grand Blanc sparkling wine (Hubert non-alcoholic)
3 cl MONIN Bitter – you can change the ratio to achieve more intense taste
chopped fruit
mint leaves
lime slices
ice cubes to fill the glass to the top

Put lime slices cut in half in a large spritz or Burgundy wine glass and press them with a barman’s spoon. Add MONIN Bitter and Hubert Grand Blanc (Hubert non-alcoholic). Stir in a ratio of 5:1 or as you like. Add berries at the end, sweet berries are better: strawberries, blueberries, mango or peach.