Bitter Spritz & Bitter Spritz alcohol free

Bitter Spritz a bitter spritz nealko

Elderberry has many therapeutic effects on the immune system. High quality French syrup made of its essences in combination with Hubert Grand Blanc shall give your cocktail a new dimension. You can make it easily also on your summer vacation with family or friends. This drink tastes just as good in the alcohol free version with alcohol free Hubert sparkling wine.

Bitter Spritz a bitter spritz nealko
Hubert Grand Blanc (Hubert non-alcoholic)
3 cl MONIN elderberry syrup
The alcoholic recipe needs 4 cl soda or mineral water with gas
mint leaves
lime slices
ice cubes to fill the glass to the top

Put mint leaves in a large spritz or Burgundy wine glass. Add lime slices cut in half, press them with a barman’s spoon. Pour 3 cl MONIN elderberry syrup and stir in Hubert Grand Blanc (Hubert non-alcoholic).