Show to your friends who you really are with mixed drinks.

Italian Blosson_or

Italian Blossom

This cocktail is an ideal companion for hot summer days.

Sparkling Hubert Mojito

This drink will get you at any age.
James Bond_or

James Bond

Sometimes you need something strong in life.

Caipirinha de Luxe

This Brazilian national drink makes life better at bad times (and good times as well).

Bugsy Fizz (Mimosis)

This cocktail comes from America.
Virgin beach

Virgin Beach

Alcohol free drink with a specific taste of ripe strawberries.
Virgin sparkling blue

Virgin Sparkling Blue

Those who like extravagance will love this drink.
Virgin Hugo

Virgin Hugo

Alcohol free, refreshing and tasty cocktail ideal for hot summer days.


Refreshing and tasty cocktail to start the fun.
Hubert passion

Hubert Passion

This cocktail is great for a pleasant evening in two as well as for a summer party at the pool.