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French 75

French 75 or Soixante Quinze is an alcoholic drink made of gin and juice with a welcome addition of Hubert rosé. The cocktail is great for nostalgic get-togethers with old friends to remember the past. Ingredients: 1 cl Gin 2 cl Lime Syrup 7 cl Hubert rosé serve in: cocktail bowl decoration: lemon zest spiral […]

Kir Royal

Prepare an extraordinary drink for your dear one. It’s attractive to the eye and to the palate. Great for a romantic evening in which you may disclose the deepest secrets to one another. Ingredients: 1 cl Creme de Cassis 9 cl Hubert brut serve in: Champagne glass decoration: physalis Preparation: Pour Hubert brut sparkling wine […]

Lemonade Spritzer

A fizzing miracle ready in just a few minutes. You only need two ingredients that are complementary and surprisingly delicious. Ingredients: 5 cl Sprite 5 cl Hubert brut serve in: Champagne glass decoration: lemon zest spiral, cocktail cherry Preparation: Pour Sprite and Hubert brut sparkling wine into a Champagne glass, stir and decorate with a […]

Italian Blossom

This cocktail is an ideal companion for hot summer days. Orange juice creates an aroma in demi sec sparkling wine that gets you straight to an Italian beach. Ingredients: 2 cl Campari 4 cl orange juice Add Hubert demi sec serve in: Champagne glass decoration: orange slice, cocktail cherry, mint leaves Preparation: Pour Campari, orange […]

Sparkling Hubert Mojito

This drink will get you at any age. Mint, lime and refreshing Hubert de Luxe will cool you down on the hottest days when you don’t feel like going out. This drink is perfect to sip on the terrace while sun tanning. Ingredients: Mint 1/4 lime 2 spoons of cane sugar crushed ice Hubert de […]

James Bond

Sometimes you need something strong in life. A noble drink with a prestigious name combines the best in one glass. Don’t be afraid to try out a courageous combination of several types of alcohol. Ingredients: 2 cl Vodka 3-5 drops Angostura bitter 8 cl Hubert brut Serve in: cocktail bowl Decoration: lime zest Preparation: Pour […]

Caipirinha de Luxe

This Brazilian national drink makes life better at bad times (and good times as well). It’s got a strong taste of lime and sugar cane. Use premium Hubert de Luxe sparkling wine. This drink was believed to be an effective flu medicine. Ingredients: 1/2 lime (cut in 10 pieces) 2 tea spoons of cane sugar […]

Asparagus with couscous salad

Couscous is a popular and very tasty food in North Africa. It is healthy and for this reason widely spread also in Europe. Asparagus and a glass of Hubert sparkling wine make the perfect duo. GREEN ASPARAGUS ON BUTTER AND WINE, SERVED WITH WARM COUSCOUS SALAD OF SPRING VEGETABLES, RUCOLA, PARMESAN AND BASIL PESTO (4 […]

Bugsy Fizz (Mimosis)

This cocktail comes from America. Mix sparkling wine with chilled orange juice. It is light and can be served before lunch. Ingredients: 3 cl orange juice 7 cl Hubert brut Serve in: Champagne glass Decoration: orange slice Preparation: Pour Hubert brut sparkling wine and orange juice into a Champagne glass and stir. Decorate with an […]