L’Original Brut

Prestige of French saloons

High quality sparkling wine can be recognized not only by its characteristic aroma, flavor and effervescence. You can recognize true stars among sparkling wines also thanks to the awards received at prestigious competitions and saloons. Hubert L’Original Brut is an indisputable winner in terms of the number of awards awarded for its quality. For a good reason.

Its decent biscuit aroma and delicate flavor make it a precious and rare sparkling wine that makes a great gift. By virtue of its taste it reminds many of its native France. We recommend it as an aperitif with fish and poultry, cold starters and salads.

ColorSugar contentAlcohol content*Making method
WhiteBrut12,5 %Transvals

* The alcohol content is always stated on the bottle of the product, depending on the batch