Transvals method

Sparkling wine is unique in that it is made from ready wines by means of secondary fermentation. The grapes undergo double fermentation. To bring the cuvée (consolidation of basic wines) after it has rested to a second fermentation, so-called tirage liquor is added. It consists of quality wine with diluted sugar and an addition of a noble yeast culture.

The art of fermentationtrans-original

Secondary fermentation takes place in a closed bottle with the Transvals method. During secondary fermentation noble yeasts play an important role in that they turn sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide that causes the well-known fizzing when the bottle opens.

Miraculous filtration

The main difference from the traditional method is the final stage. The wine does not stay in the bottle for the whole time. After the secondary fermentation the almost ready sparkling wine is consolidated, filtered and bottled for dispatch. The Transvals method is employed to make Hubert L’Original.

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