Occasions to drink sparkling wine

Sparkling wine can make an extraordinary moment even more intense, sweeter, or more lasting. On the other hand, it can be ruined by bad choice of sparkling wine. Therefore, you should base your choice on the people you will spend time with and on the occasion it will be served on. This should be matched with character, bouquet, fizz, sweetness and other properties of the sparkling wine.

Celebrate special family moments

Birthdays, anniversaries, life achievements. There is always a good reason to celebrate in family. Your parent’s anniversary, graduation, a new baby. All these moments need to be remembered. A party and happy smiles of your loved ones are a must. Great sparkling wine is a cherry on the cake to accentuate the special moment.

Unforgettable encounters with friends

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the terrace or having a barbecue in the garden. Pick nick on the grass is unique, but be careful with the glasses on uneven surface. You may need to outrun the rain, so what? Friends are always fun no matter what. A nice chat can turn into a party at any time and you and your friends will remember this evening for a long time.

Ladies’ night out with a taste of freedom

There is nothing better than a ladies’ party where you can laugh, cry, but mainly relax and be yourself. Be it a nice chat round the kitchen table or a formal dinner out in your new dress, getting together with your girlfriends is always a small celebration.

Romance in the bathtub

An exciting moment to conclude a romantic evening. The best thing is to start the evening with a dinner prepared together. Nice music should not be missing in the background. Something is missing for the perfect romance. Yes, you are right, a glass of cool sparkling wine.

Wedding toast

Toasting a glass together stands for “I do”. Sparkling wine on a wedding table should be a sparkly radiant decoration and a jewel of liquid pearls in the hands of the wedding party. Pay special attention not just to selecting the right sparkling wine, but also to how it is served.

Gentlemen’s night out

If you are a man who knows what he wants, who doesn’t like to compromise, but has a feel for detail, then gentlemen’s nights out must be your favorites. Whether you spend them at your club or in private, one thing is for sure: exclusive nights in good company deserve exclusive drinks.

Academic achievement

All the exams and finals will eventually look like just one of the many obstacles in life. But you know that right now, every exam, every credit you work hard to pass is like your whole life. Little victories like these teach us how to celebrate the bigger ones. Learn how to enjoy them in style.

Sports victories

Energy, emotions, outbursts, victory… This is the description of a perfect success in sport, but it is very much suitable for chilled and well deserved sparkling wine, too. That’s why we recommend something that’ll turn extraordinary moments of every sportsman to legendary ones.

after a workday

“Team” is a whole. When all the hustle and strain of the past few weeks fade away for a bit, one nice toast in the common kitchen works wonders with your team. Whether the weeks were a success or not, you can finish the hard work with a sparkling wine from the “shelf of motivation” in the refrigerator.

Romantic evening

You don’t need much for a romantic dinner. Just yourself, a partner, and dinner. But if you want to have the perfect evening, you are going to need much more – yourself, your inspiring partner, delicious food, and something that will connect all the components together and intensify their taste.

Reward yourself

There are days when all you need is to be thankful for simple things in your life and enjoy every moment of peace. Nothing should stand in your way to achieve this point of view. Whether you are enjoying a sunset on the terrace or you’re sitting inside your home, the atmosphere can be always improved by glass of your favorite sparkling wine. Now available also in 0,2l and 0,375l formats.

Large-scale celebrations

There is always a reason to celebrate. But some of the events need something special. Graduations, weddings, anniversaries and jubilees – all these events are remembered for decades. And so this is the right time to grab 1,5l or 3l bottles of Hubert sparking wine.